The Lesbian Remake Of Brokeback Mountain Will Star Margot Robbie And Emma Watson

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You read that right folks – 12 years after the threefold Oscar-winning blockbuster, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and the late great Heath Ledger, was released; there is now a female remake in the works.

The story will follow the original screenplay in most parts except for the fact that the leads will be women in a forbidden lesbian relationship.

The two lucky ladies who have been given the amazing opportunity to step into Gyllenhaal and Ledger’s respected characters are Hollywood royalty: Emma Watson and rising star: Margot Robbie.

The two leading ladies both attended a press conference in which they revealed their involvement in the future project. Emma Watson was beaming with pride, stating:

“I am honoured and blessed to get the opportunity to play a character very different from myself. I think taking on personas with completely different experiences than yourself is what acting is at its core. From what I’ve seen, the script and the other people involved with this, I think we’re going to make a marvellous film.”

Australian actress, Margot, was clearly still overwhelmed with the situation and couldn’t contain her excitement:

“As an Australian actor, this obviously means a lot to me. I hope to do Heath Ledgers’ role justice.

The pair were even asked about the obvious sexual scenes that will be included in the film, with both of them stating:

“Us both being straight won’t be a problem, we’re actors, it’s just something we have to do“.

The film is supposedly set to be released in June 2017 but, don’t worry, we have the first trailer to look forward to this year on Boxing Day!

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