Is Kate Middleton Pregnant?

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People have been speculating that the Duchess of Cambridge could be expecting her third child. Spectators (and consequently anyone who has seen the pictures online) have got the rumour mill going into overdrive, and fans were surprised considering Kate has two young children, with Princess Charlotte only being just over a year old.


It all started with a picture that circulated the net, showing The Duchess to have a slightly rounded stomach. People got commenting on her shape, but some fans were quick to jump to her defence.

One person wrote: “For crying out loud! Everyone stop, she’s had 2 babies, mines 8 months and I still have a bump!”

Whilst another said: “Kate looks like a wee bump or is she just like the rest of us moms with normal bodies after babies?”


Perhaps she really is just like the rest of us (with a slightly more royal lifestyle) and she’s not yet shifted ALL those baby gains. Though let’s be realistic, she’s practically shifted the majority of it and looks better than most of us BEFORE babies come into play!

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