Serena Williams Showcases Her Incredible Physique On The Cover Of SELF

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Serena Williams defended her Wimbledon title this year and continues to be one of the leading ladies in female athleticism.

Despite her achievements, however, Williams STILL gets ignorant comments regarding her strong physique which is just so unfair to a woman who has won a staggering 22 grand slam titles and four olympic gold medals.

Serena is set to play in this year’s Olympics so it seems like there is simply nothing that can stop her, however there must be moments where these cruel words get to her.

In her interview with SELF magazine, Serena spoke so much truth with this statement:

“I love my body, and I would never change anything about it. I’m not asking you to like my body. I’m just asking you to let me be me. Because I’m going to influence a girl who does look like me, and I want her to feel good about herself.

I have this platform that other people don’t have. I think it’s important, especially as a woman, to stand up for who you are and what you believe in – and not back down. “

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Image Credit: Self Magazine

Image Credit: Self Magazine

Image Credit: Self Magazine

These are incredible words to live by and any haters have officially been shut down by the champion herself!

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