Zayn Malik Has Covered Up His Tattoo Of Perrie’s Face A Year Since Their Split

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We can’t lie – we were absolutely devastated when Zayn and Perrie split up last year. She was his queen since they were 16, they want the same things, they dream the same dreams – alright?

Seriously though, they seemed like the ultimate young power couple: they lived together, brought a cute kitten together and more importantly, got engaged! However, it seems like it wasn’t meant to be and the pair have since moved on, Zayn most notably with American supermodel: Gigi Hadid.

What Zayn hasn’t been able to move away from, however, was his permanent tattoo of Perrie on his forearm – such a bad move!

That’s right, even throughout his relationship with Gigi Hadid, Zayn has still had his ex’s face plastered on his body.

Almost a year after their infamous split, Zayn has been seen with even more tattoos covering his former tat dedication to Perrie.

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Image Credit: Snapchat

Image Source

Image Credit: Snapchat

We can still see hints of the outlines, however, it seems that the ex-One Direction member has well and truly moved on and inked his body with more important memories from recent times. This means that he has officially got rid of any sign of the Little Mix singer, which can’t exactly be a nice revelation for Perrie – but it has to be done!

Moral of the story: Never get a tattoo dedicated to your partner – literally NEVER!

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